White VineLine Roll, 4' x 3300'

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Grow climbing plants vertically or horizontally without touching the ground with White VineLine Roll. It’s an excellent gift for agriculturalists and floriculturists. Use the roll horizontally or vertically as per your unique needs. Polyethylene build lets you re-use the roll as many times as you desire and last long for many years.

  • Polyethylene Build: The roll is manufactured using Polyethylene. This makes it strong, long-lasting, and rust-free.
  • Cut to Any Size: It comes in 4' x 3300' size. You can cut the net to any size as per your gardening needs to protect your plants from the scorching sun and stop animals from getting in/out.
  • Save Your Space: Direct your plants as they grow by weaving the net around the bamboo sticks or poles to create a robust trellis. This helps you save plenty of space in your garden.
  • Quick and Easy Installation: It’s very easy to use. Just wrap and connect the net around the stable support.

Protect your fruits, veggies, and flowers from skunks, raccoons, rats, and other creatures with 4' x 3300' White VineLine Roll. It is perfect for garden fencing, plant protection, and support. It works well for plants like cucumber, sweet peas, beans, watermelons, tomatoes, etc.