Optic Foliar Switch, 24L

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Optic Foliar SWITCH stimulates flower initiation in plants by preventing and combating key stress factors that can delay the formation of blossom set. By utilizing SWITCH during the first 2 weeks of flowering, plants will begin to trigger blooms earlier with tighter nodes. This will ensure that plants will begin to form flower sites and maximize flower growth. Using SWITCH assures no loss in growth, quality or yield. Maximize yields by using OVERGROW during the early growth stage and through the flowering stage.

Available in USA, UK and Spain

Will Switch pass post harvest testing?

Switch has a 24 hour residual/withholding period within the plant and will pass all post harvest testing.


  • Do not dilute with Water
  • Add 10 ml of Optic Foliar Transport directly into 1 Liter Optic Foliar Switch
  • Shake vigorously after adding Optic Foliar Transport.
  • Spray within 30 minutes and discard and unused solution
  • Repeat application 2-3 times 10 days apart
  • Application dates are flexible. Can be used anytime from early to late flower

Usage Notes

  • Spray in temperatures between 60 -75 degrees
  • Reduce nutrition by 50 % or water plants
  • Mist plants, do not drench. Get leaves wet without runoff