Nutrifield Coco Premium 10L, 2.6 Gallon

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Coco Premium consists of pure high-quality desiccated coconut husk (coir), making it a reliable and easy to use substrate for hydroponic systems.

The RHP certification ensures that the coir maintains a high level of consistency and quality, is pest and disease free, thoroughly rinsed, pH stabilized, pre-buffered with calcium, and has a low salt index.

Additionally, Coco Premium has an excellent capacity for liquid retention and is extremely friable. Nutrifield Coco Premium is friable, has a high capacity for water retention, and is inert. This ensures that nutrient solutions are efficiently absorbed and remain near the root zone with an unaltered nutrient profile.

The coir supports the growth of beneficial microbes, such as Trichoderma, which compete with disease causing pathogens and improve nutrient bioavailability, thereby promoting robust plant growth.