Npk Mighty Wash 2.5 Gallon

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Help your plants grow free of pests by using the NPK Industries Mighty Spider Mite Control Pesticide. This garden pesticide kills pesky pests on contact, so your plants can grow without harmful bugs. Take on irritating spider mites with this mite control spray. This fast-acting garden pesticide kills all accessible stages of spider mites, including those pesky eggs. You can use this spider mite killer spray in any indoor, outdoor, or greenhouse garden. Safe to use, you can use this pest control spray on both fruit and vegetable plants. This spray pesticide comes in a 1-gallon jug, and is easy to use. Simply fill your favorite spray bottle or garden sprayer with the mixture. Follow the directions given on the label for proper use. For the best results, thoroughly spray all parts of your plant with this bug killer when you first spot the pests. Keep your gardens free of spider mites with the NPK Industries Mighty Spider Mite Control Pesticide.