Grow More Sea Grow All Purpose Plant Food 16-16-16 1.5lb

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The Grow More Sea Grow All Purpose Plant Food 16-16-16 is a water soluble concentrate that is specially formulated for the abundant growth cycle in flowering plants and all purpose plant feeding in the garden. The Sea Grow contains a hybrid blend of amino acids, botanical seaweed extract, blood meal, carbohydrates, organic carbon, primary Nitrogen-Phosphate-Potassium ratio (N-P-K) of 16-16-16, yucca extract and micronutrients. The bio-stimulant effect from seaweeds produces active growth, better quality fruits and abundant blooms with excellent keeping and storage qualities.

The Grow More Sea Grow Plant Food is enhanced for use in both indoor and outdoor growing environments. It is suitable in containers or in the ground using either soil mixes or native soils, or in soil-less hydroponics and aeroponic systems. For application, dissolve it in water before using. This may be applied as soil drench, foliar spray or inline fertigation.