Expandable Coco Cubes, 4x4 (Single)

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Taking the pride of being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers, we are an established name in the market to produce a variety of quality coco products. Our coco products are used widely for various applications in different sectors including agricultural farming, food industry, soil erosion control, upholstery industry and many others. The uses of our coco peat products can never be limited; perhaps our customized solution can fulfil any of your diverse requirements. With the core objective of supporting the green energy, we are enthusiastically involved in producing these natural products.

Uses of coco peat

  • Coco peat, a bi-product from coconut husk has numerous applications
  • Its uses can never be limited and it is used in various sectors in various forms including seeding nurseries, home gardening, golf courses, soil treatment, create bedding for animals and much more
  • The oxygenation properties of coco peat further supports healthy root development of plants
  • It helps to balance liquid nutrients whilst slowing disintegration .
  • It can efficiently resist fungal growth